IT Infrastructure Audit

We provide a rigorous in-depth assessment into your IT infrastructure, measuring keys factors of your environment to develop a report with detailed findings and recommendations on mitigating your risks, saving on costs and strengthening your business. We also recognise that measuring against best practice is only strategically useful up to a point, our targeted recommendations also consider cost and ROI in addition to technical specifications and performance.

Our six-step process will assist with evaluating IT in your business today:

  • Initial consultation with you on business requirements
  • Gather information of current processes and issues
  • Audit current infrastructure
  • Construct recommended course of action
  • Evaluate recommendation and implementation strategies
  • Review your future IT requirements and goals

The audit focuses on the following areas:

We will conduct a review of the existing IT infrastructure. Information gathered includes existing network environment as well as feedback from system users regarding their experience with the current infrastructure.
In order to check the performance of the IT systems and Networks, performance counters will be set-up on key systems. These counters will collect data on systems for a period to capture data related to the performance evaluation.
As the organization grows, it is important to control the data and security settings to ensure no network breach occurs.  The current IT security environment will be compared with industry best practices and any variances identified will be highlighted.
This phase of the engagement is used to analyse the data captured. The data will reveal the current usage and capacities of each IT systems eg Mail Server. With the current capacity at hand, coupled with the input for forecasted future expansion, proper capacity and utilization planning will be done.
High level review of Business requirements and goals will be discussed. Eg: Service levels & Relationship of existing infrastructure to business. Recommendations will be provided on the customer’s feedback and information gathered
Reliability Analysis is determined by obtaining the proportion of systematic variation in a scale, which can be done by determining the association between the scores obtained from different outputs of the scale


Improve your IT Infrastructure to maximise efficiency, safeguard assets and achieve your business objectives today!