Cloud Enablement

cloud-computingWant to move from Physical to Virtual or Virtual to Cloud?

Emerio can migrate physical and virtual workloads using real-time replication. We can migrate your entire environment including the file system, permissions, attributes, compression and encryption settings without suspending production operations eliminating the need for user and application downtime. We even move database files regardless of application locks.

Key features and benefits

  • Migrate to physical or virtual servers that have a different number of drives, drive sizes, CPUs or memory than the original source
  • Switching to the new server can be executed manually or set up to be fully automatic
  • Virtualizes servers to VMware® ESX™ or Microsoft® Hyper-V™ platforms and automatically provisions new virtual machines as needed
  • Hardware independent; can also be used for migrating virtualized workloads back to physical servers
  • Captures changes users make during the migration and replicates them to the new server in real-time