SharePoint Services

Emerio’s SharePoint Services practice dates back to the first version of SharePoint ​in 2001. Our SharePoint teams have a vast exposure to complex customer environments and heaps of success stories that will benefit your engagement with us. We understand that every customer is unique and at a different stage in their SharePoint journey. Our team can help by sharing our experience to guide you through your business requirements.

We have helped organisations with SharePoint solutions across several key areas of SharePoint:

  • Architectural Guidance
  • Installation, Configuration and performance optimisation
  • Documents and Records Management
  • Custom Solutions written in .NET that are hosted in SharePoint
  • Workflow Based Solutions
  • Content Management
  • Template Designs and Branding

Talk to us about extending your SharePoint usage by making use of the following features:​​

  • Email enabled Document Library and Lists
  • Document Retention Policies and Archival
  • SharePoint Governance
  • Scaling out SharePoint across multiple servers or geographies
  • Records centre
  • Document Management and Metadata Management
  • FAST Search configuration and optimisation
  • Taxonomy management


SharePoint Managed Services

SharePoint Managed Services ensures the health and stability of SharePoint. You know your business critical repository and SharePoint Applications will be there when you need them. We manage environments that are in the cloud, on-premise or a mix of both. We’ll help you improve performance, functionality and security while reducing cost and time spent on maintenance.

We can solve the common business problems around SharePoint such as finding and retaining good SharePoint administrators, handling out of hours support and even just consulting with you to guide in the implantation of SharePoint in your organisation. We offer three levels of service which can be used in isolation or combined together.

  • Operational Support – You need to know that the business systems you depend on are available when you need them. We provide 24×7 monitoring of the environment and perform weekly health checks and in the event of an incident we work within an SLA. We provide periodic reporting that includes details on all incidents, change summary, server availability and performance.
  • Administration – We believe that for us to be efficient in administering your environment it is important that our people know your environment. That is why we will assign a single administrator to your SharePoint environment. Another benefit of this is that your users will have a single point of contact for their day-to-day queries.
  • Customisation – Out of the box SharePoint offers a wealth of functionality however sometimes your needs might be more than the OOB functionality can provide. We can help you build on your investment with everything from simple customisations to bespoke solutions built on top of the SharePoint platform.
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