Business Process Automation

Business Processes Automation helps organisations achieve operational efficiencies and provide visibility of processes to stakeholders. It also provides uniformity across the organisation and help making it more agile.

Emerio has helped numerous organisations implement these business processes using our extensive knowledge in this area. Our solutions are designed in a simple and configurable manner so that these processes can be changed easily hence giving organisations the agility that is needed in today’s changing world.

Some of the key technologies that we use for Business Process Automation include:

  • SharePoint Workflow
  • K2 Blackpearl
  • Windows Workflow Platform (.NET WF)
  • Business Rules Engine

We have significant experience across the following industries:

  • Real Estate and Property
  • Construction
  • HR Departments
  • ISO Processes
  • Legal
  • Government

Talk to us about automating your business process and we will recommend the best and cost effective technology for your business.